The impact of silicon fertilizer on the nutritional profile of rice

Research from the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences in China has found that the use of silicon fertilizers can improve the nutritional quality of rice (Oryza sativa). The study, which appeared in the Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research, looked at how adding silicon fertilizer affects the mineral element, as well as the protein and amino acid concentration of brown and milled rice.

  • The study used a randomized complete split-plot design, where the main plot was treated with silicon fertilizer and two cultivars were controlled subplots.
  • Rice treated with silicon fertilizer showed enhanced zinc, calcium, and manganese concentrations in brown and milled rice.
  • Protein and amino acid levels in treated brown and mill rice were also significantly higher compared to control.
  • This effect was cultivar-dependent.

From the study, the team concluded that adding silicon fertilizer in rice could increase its mineral, protein, and amino acid contents.

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Journal Reference:

Liu Q, Zhou X, Sun Z. APPLICATION OF SILICON FERTILIZER AFFECTS NUTRITIONAL QUALITY OF RICE. Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research. 2017;77(2):163–170. DOI: 10.4067/S0718-58392017000200163

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