EVERY Kosher company should BAN GMO, since Bayer/Monsanto created the deadly gases of the Holocaust death chambers

So just how clean is Kosher food? Do we really know what that label means, besides separating milk from meat and excluding shellfish? What about artificial ingredients and GMOs? Big questions. We need answers. From a top list of “featured” brands and companies with the Kosher stamp of approval, we see Listerine, Post, Hunts, Tropicana, Dole, Swiss Miss, and on down to Morning Star, so it’s not too difficult to decipher that the Kosher label doesn’t really account for so many things healthy these days.

So. What we do know, for sure, is that Kosher allows GMOs. How twisted is that? If you don’t believe it, read the following excerpt from the Library of Congress in an article titled, “Restrictions on Genetically Modified Organisms: Israel:”

Israeli law permits the development and growth of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for research purposes in accordance with requirements established by subsidiary legislation. Although GMO growth is not permitted for commercial purposes, GMO products may be imported, sold, and used in the production of food and pharmaceuticals in Israel.  

While Israeli scientists usually support the development of GMOs, environmental activists have expressed concerns regarding what they see as potential harm resulting from their use.

Israel’s religious kashrut authority has determined that the use of GMO ingredients in food does not affect its kosher status because GMOs are only used in “microscopic” proportions. This determination has been contested by some Jewish groups in Israel and the United States.  

And the story goes on from there. What’s wrong with this picture? Have you ever eaten the genes from a plant that kill beetles, weeds, and rats, but not humans? Would you knowingly eat pesticide created by the company responsible for the gas chambers of the Holocaust? Do you want to support that platform?

Take a closer look at what the genetic “engineers” are doing to modify and adulterate Nature’s food using bug killing genes and weed killing genes they all know good and well causes cancer and dementia.

What’s wrong with Genetically Modified Organisms in your food, you ask?

You know if you get cancer from pesticide made by Monsanto, and you get chemotherapy to “treat” that cancer, chances are it is made by the same company (Bayer) that just bought the most evil corporation on planet Earth, Monsanto, so the odds of that medicine working are very, very low. Auspiciously low.

Top that off with the fact that there literally IS NO “world scientific consensus” about the safety of GMOs. Most of the rest of the world, besides the USA, labels GMOs or outright rejects them altogether. Russia and Japan completely ban Frankenfoods from their countries. This is all worthy of much consideration. Here comes the kicker.

Kosher allows MSG, but why?

Have you ever had a migraine headache so bad, that any bright lights or loud sounds make it feel like your head just might break in half, like an egg shell? That’s an “MSG” migraine (monosodium glutamate migraine). These often create immense pressure behind the eyes and on top of the head (add in severe dehydration here).

This concentrated salt is genetically modified and is often found in Chinese food, canned soups, spicy chips, cured meats, fast food chicken coating, and in thousands of U.S. products. MSG also has “cousins” that, when combined, cause the same nightmarish headaches and severe dehydration. Watch out for hydrolyzed soy protein, soy isolates, and autolyzed yeast extract.

What’s even scarier is that MSG is a chemically concocted, genetically modified formula that causes weight gain, brain damage, liver inflammation and liver cancer. All things Kosher should never be genetically modified, but they are. You can find MSG in some of the Passover holiday foods. Many matzo ball soup mixes contain MSG, and pretty far up in the list of ingredients. Drink plenty of water folks, and don’t feed it to the children or the babies, for God’s sake.

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